Movies Returning Soon!

We are moving into the HD world!


As you know our projector died on us this summer. Because the model hasn’t been produced for over three years it really isn’t worth trying to fix. So we have ordered a new projector.  But there’s a catch to a new projector…it needed a new screen to match to it. I’ve found out the two are inseparable in today’s technology.

Because our focus is on performing arts, and movies are a means to insure a steady flow of funds, we have decided to go with an automatic screen that will be mounted in front of the curtain. But don’t worry, it’s still going to be BIG. And now it will be in the centre without any obstruction to the view.  This also allows us to get the projector off the ceiling and mount it in an accessible location.

We weren’t budgeting on this rather large bill this year. If anyone would like to contribute to our projector/screen fund we will be most appreciative.

Email if you require anymore information.