Happy Birthday to Us!

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Happy 5th Birthday

Gate House Community Association!

Please join us in celebrating our 5th Birthday. We are cutting the cake @4:00 pm followed by live music and a free movie @5:30.

The Never-Ending Story

1984, PG, 1 hour 42 minutes



2nd Run Movies Disappearing…

From our inception, almost 5 years ago, Gate House Community Association has strived to present our community with weekly Pre-Release Movies.

What is a Pre-Release movie, you ask? It is a movie that is in between playing at the big cinemas and not yet on DVD or Digital Download. During this window of time the copyright holding companies in Canada, Criterion Pic and Audio Cine Films, release it to second run theatres, community groups, etc for Public Performance. Of course we pay for the privilege. However, this window is quickly disappearing.

What is happening is that studios are no longer allowing for a pre-release time. They release straight to DVD/Digital. Also, Criterion Pic used to be a more local company but has been swallowed up by an international conglomerate and closed all offices except those in the Toronto area. This has greatly affected the communication and care for small community theatres such as we are. We simply make no dent in their bottom line and are, quite likely, not worth the trouble. In other words, they do not go out of their way to help us.

So we are struggling to supply our community with weekly quality, relevant, Pre-Release Movies. At this point we have nothing to show Friday June 24th.

So here’s the question: