Liking the Likes

I am thrilled we have 169 likes – 7 new this week- on our Facebook Page, Gate House Community Association. That’s amazing! We also have 339 members – 2 new – on our Facebook Group, Gate House Theatre.
I know our little project (getting the arts into our community) is gaining traction. I still dream of the day that ALL the ARTS are represented … photography, painting, animation, film making, theatre, dance, mixed media, spoken word, cultural dance and storytelling, music, musicals …. etc etc etc!
Of course this all takes money, people, volunteers, vision, and did I say people and money?
We just had our Membership Meeting. Individual membership is 25.00 for the year. Corporate Membership is a monthly contribution.
We’re still working out the benefit package for individual members, besides the voting rights at the AGM (late June 2016). Corporate members benefit with advertising in our programs. 
I can’t help wondering what our organization would look like if all these likes and group members turned into memberships … considering the likes are probably members of the group let’s look at the group numbers … 339 x 25 = 8475.00 … That is a lot of moola!
We could order the tracking that is needed for our new side curtains. We could pay for the materials needed to finish our 2 storage rooms. We could project into the future further improvements such as an automatic screen, new projector, produce a big well known musical, put on a music and/or one act play festival….. the ideas are endless.  We would also have the membership numbers that may finally get the attention of the various grant applications we fill out.
Can our Facebook members and likes turn into paid memberships? Yes! It’s easy.  Fill our the form, write a cheque or bring the cash to the next movie night. Let’s do this!