2015 Community Arts Award

It’s funny how the mind works. I never dreamed of pre-writing an acceptance/thank-you speech when I was informed of Gate House Community Association’s two nominations for the Port McNeill and District Chamber of Commerce Excellence in Business Awards.

I guess I should have. Gate House Theatre – which is the building we inhabit and where all the action takes place – was awarded 2015 The Community Arts Award. I go to the podium, never shy to say something, however instead of a list of thank you I rambled a bit on our journey in bring the Arts to the North Island. I may even have unconsciously chastised the attendees for not showing up to certain events.

Obviously this was never my intent. So please indulge me as I give a proper acceptance/thank-you speech.

Thank you Chamber of Commerce and everyone who voted for us. This is truly an honour. We are passionate about the Arts and grateful for the opportunity to showcase, instruct, and support the Arts in all their varied and wonderful ways.

Gate House Community Association is run by a dedicated board, a part time manager, numerous student staff, and of course members. Thank you to our membership, both individual and corporate. We literally would not exist without you.

I also want to thank every one who’s ever bought a ticket and warmed a seat in the theatre, also to everyone who’s rented the facility for birthday parties, recitals and corporate events. And last but certainly not least to General Properties. We are truly thankful for you continued support.


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