Musical Theatre Workshop September 15-19, 2014





Gate House Community Associations is THRILLED 

to host Joey Clarkson!

Click on the picture to be brought to the Facebook event page OR if you don’t do Facebook email Joey directly:

Who is this Joey Clarkson you ask?

At just 24, Joey Clarkson has already been teaching musical theatre for 10 years. A homelearner for many years, her unique blend of youth, experience and passion for her craft has made her a very popular teacher in Canada, the UAE, Ireland and the UK. Equally at home instructing young children or teens, Joey’s enthusiasm for music is infectious. An award-winning singer/songwriter , Joey’s programs offer funfilled, inspirational adventures into the land of music. “It doesn’t matter how old you are, you have power to do great things. It is this ideal that I impress upon my students, building confidence and self worth through musical theatre.”

What can you expect for your kids?

5 days of fun! Our days (4 hours) consists of theatre games to warm up, vocal work ie: excersizes, breathing, tone, harmonies and melodies, matching pitch and styles, choreography- lots of action there. And of course script work. The first day I get a feel of who I am working with and who will fit into the parts. Then I customize the script (most is written but I always adjust for the new classes ensuring everyone gets something challenging yet doesn’t discourage them). The second day everyone gets their scripts and we are off and running. The fifth day has a little show off for the families and friends. I must stress that it is never a “polished show”, and as much fun as the performance is, the real value is in teaching the kids teamwork and confidence while opening their eyes to music and theatre. Classes are always a mix of ages and it is really beneficial to work that way. A group of same-age tend to be self conscious, but a mixed group always finds the big ones setting an example for the little ones, and the little ones admiring and emulating.

How much?

$160.00 for 4 hours for 5 days … work it out – that’s a deal!



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