Open Letter to Youth and Young Adults of the North Island

Thanks to all who came out for

The Fault in Our Stars


Dear Youth and Young Adults of the North Island

Thanks! I mean it, thanks.  Forty-eight of you came out to the movie last night. This was the best showing this summer for a paid movie (obviously showing Rio 2 free on Canada generated quite a crowd!)

Why am I writing you a letter? Because you matter. What you want to see on the big screen matters. We’re trying our best to bring in movies that you’ll come to. I understand that Friday nights is Youth Centre night. I’d love to coordinate with those in charge to create a whole amazing evening for you all. I’ve tried in the past to contact those in charge. Maybe I should try again? Better yet why don’t you do it? I know you are all full of amazing ideas and who better to know what you would like to do than yourselves!

We do have the capability to play video games on the big screen. This isn’t in my radar as I can’t even keep Mario in the cart let alone on the road! But if this is something you’d like to do contact me.

We can also host marathon movie events (Twilight or X-Men?) with the proper supervision and enough people interested. Again your help in organizing and getting people to commit is essential. I don’t have any teenagers left in my house but I still want to create fun and safe places for you to let loose and be yourselves.  (‘let loose’ does not include any substance other than pure fun (and maybe a whole lot of sugar) to fuel the atmosphere 😉

What other things could you use the theatre for? Well, your imagination is the limit. Let’s talk and create even more amazing things for the youth and young adults of the North Island to do.