The Wonders of Security and Cyber Monkeys and Community!

First off I’d like to thanks our amazing staff  for keeping on keeping on this past Friday night when faced with an unplayable much anticipated movie.

Also thanks to our patrons who rolled with the punches.

The Other Woman

Security Technology

As most of you are aware illegal downloading and copying of movies is pervasive in our culture.  The loss of revenue is enough to be felt by even the largest corporate movie houses. They take copyright and security very seriously.

People may justify stealing – yes I just called illegal downloading and copying of movies stealing – by convincing themselves that the movie moguls and multimillionaire movie stars can afford it, however, there are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of others that rely on the movie industry for their meagre pay check every two weeks.

Enough of that rant!

Needless to say we have to deal with the ever evolving security issues as we bring you Pre-Release movies each week. The latest is DVD-PIN security. A four numbered code that must be keyed in to access the movie.

This past Friday night the code for The Other Woman did not reach us.  This brings me to …

Cyber Monkeys!

Apparently the code was sent to us July 15th. We have no record of that email … and we keep ALL our correspondence with the Copyright holders.  These things happen unfortunately. So once again Thanks for your patience and patronage. Therefore ….


We are showing The Other Woman Tuesday July 22nd at 7:00 pm FREE.

Please give us another chance and if you were there Friday night let us know – we’d like to thank you personally.