Join Us for a Family Friendly Interactive Live Theatre Event

This Saturday Night you are invited to take a journey through The Forest of Magic & Mystery.

Groups will depart every 15 minutes from 6:00 pm with the last group entering the forest at 7:45 pm. The journey will last approximately 20 minutes.

This is a family friendly Halloween Event. We are pleased to share a Sparkle Stories Script “The Wizard’s Daughter”

In this event, the “travelers” meet a host of kindly fairies, singing fools and confused royals, that have wandered out of Shakespeare’s plays and into the magical Halloween woods!

The great Wizard is creating a “Hallow’s Eve Festival in the Royal Yard – music, dancing, revelry, players and MAGIC” — for the King and his sons. But his daughter has wandered off into the woods. The children are given the task of finding the Wizard’s daughter, and undoing the spell of the Fairies’ music, so that she might return to her father and the Hallow’s Eve Festival!

If you love dressing up (or your children do) feel free to join us in your costume – it doesn’t have to fit our theme.

Entry is by donation.


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