Not so Great about Gatsby!

Due to a weird new policy that Warner Brothers have implemented, our copy of The Great Gatsby remains at Criterion Pics office in Richmond, BC. 

I’m sure we can all agree that this is frustrating, disappointing, and a bit disheartening. I would go into all the details but it’s complicated in a most ignorant way that I’m sure I can’t explain it without sarcasm, anger, and a wee bit of cynicism.  The policy has to do with the new DVD format – with pin pass security – that apparently are only for colleges and universities.  Our rep, Brent, is trying very hard to get us VHS copies by August 9th.

I’ve gone to their website,, and tried to leave a message in customer service :

I just want to let you know that your recent change to pass protected DVDs for pre-release
movies have messed up our showing of the Great Gatsby. We are a charitable organization in a
small isolated town in BC . We hope that in the future there can be better communication on
requirements to our supplier, Criterion Pics, so we can confidently book your movies for our

However it won’t send it for some reason. I’ll keep trying.  ****I change category from Other to Legal and my message was sent….

We apologize for this occurrence but such is the nature of Pre-Release movies.


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