Moving Forward into Year Three…

Well, we’re just about to see the end of our second fiscal year. May 31st.

If you know me at all you realize that statement is profound in so many ways.

I know what a fiscal year is. GHCA has one. I know our date.

We are on the cusp of taking off to the stars! (The moon is too common now for the likes of us!) Because of the great support and generosity of our Amazing Landlords, we’ve hired Olivia Jorgenson as a part time Program Coordinator and Manager for the Theatre.

What that means is that Olivia will look after all the little details that so easily allude me…and help to keep me on track (I have my own private collection of rockets and tend to visit other universes regularly when I should be firmly planted on Earth!)

What this doesn’t mean is that volunteers are not necessary. We still need YOU to move forward and offer programs and opportunities to make our vision of being the Cultural Heart of the North Island a reality.

Unfortunately we haven’t been offering too many programs for a year and therefore do not qualify to apply for Arts and Culture lottery funds. BUT by this time next year we will!

Here are the programs coming up:

Once a month Open Mic Nights (Saturdays)

Music, poetry, short stories etc

Dates so far:

June 22nd, July 20th, August 17th (Orca Fest – so during the day time), September 17th.

Theatre Games and Training (Wednesdays)

Starting first Wednesday in June (5th) from 7-8:30 pm

Book Club 

First meeting is June 1st – 7:30 pm and will meet once a month TBA

After School Drama Club – September

Three age groups:

K-Grade 4



Details TBA

Art Expression with Misty Smith

Once a month – dates and times TBA

DVD Photography Course 

Waiting for it to arrive – we cannot charge for this but donations will be greatly appreciated – Date and Time TBA

All need volunteers and support to fuel our rocket to the Stars! 

Next Members Meeting is June 24th. It’s our Annual General Meeting and Elections of Directors. Come, Join, Commit, and get on the Rocket!


Can there ever be too much Artistic Exposure?

This weekend our little town is inundated with artistic opportunities.

Is this a positive or negative?

I guess, for some, the proverbial glass of water is always half empty, but for me it’s overflowing!

Yeah! We have choirs and dance groups and theatre all on the same weekend!

This is amazing and should be celebrated!

I hope all performances are fully supported and appreciated.

It’s kind of like enjoying fresh fruit in season. When it’s ripe dig in!