Art Expression – 10-15 year olds

15 Second Drawings

Misty demonstrating the 15 second drawing exercise.

There was laughter. Delight. Pencils scratching on paper. Encouraging words. Everyone participating.



I am Les Miserables!

I just received this email……


Good morning Terry Ruth,

 I am afraid that we were not able to obtain the copies for Les Misérables…. We could not obtain our supply on time, so the copy could net be shipped to you. I understand that this situation may cause problem, but please trust that we have done our best to get the copies on time.

 Please let me know if you wish to postpone or cancel the event. I will definitely fix something to compensate for this last minute problem.

 Thank you very much,



I’m very sorry for the cancelation – and at this time I cannot get a movie in time for Friday – so NO MOVIE this Friday.


I am very pleased to announce that Gate House Community Association just received Charitable Status from Revenue Canada!

Huge thanks and shout out to the amazing Kathy Martin for all her hard work and terrier like determination. We would still be waiting if not for her huge efforts!

We are moving forward in our vision to become the Cultural Heart of the North Island.

Terry Ruth Eissfeldt