Live Theatre here in Port McNeill PLUS Workshops

Hey North Island

The drought is over! We have Live Theatre this week in Port McNeill!

Missoula Theatre is here and has already started to prepare some of our very own children to put on a musical production of Hansel and Gretel. Come out Saturday either at 3:00 or 5:30 pm and support this event. Tickets available at the door of Gate House Theatre.

Also, there are 3 workshops:

Wednesday – 12:00 pm at Gate House Theatre – Improv for anyone Grade Three and up

Thursday – 7:00 pm at Gate House Theatre – How to teach Theatre Games – Teens and Adults

Friday – 7:00 pm at the Teen Center – Stage Make Up


BC Lions – Saturday Night?

It’s the middle of the summer and week five of my favourite league of sports in the world – the CFL.

We happen to have a really big screen and we still have satellite coverage……so the question is….

Who wants to watch the BC Lion’s game at Gate House Theatre this Saturday night starting at 5:30?

If even 10 people commit to being there, I’ll open the doors and put on the popcorn.

Reply to this post or comment on the Facebook link.

Go! Lions! Go!

True Classic Tuesday July 24th at The Gate House

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly – 7:00 pm

Come in a cowboy hat or boots to receive a free small popcorn.

Considered by some as one of the greats westerns of all time and on many must watch movie lists, this Clint Eastwood movie is truly a classic. Everyone knows the famous music but do you know the plot? Check out this trailer:

I hope to see you at the movies!

Missed opportunity for most

Do people with perfect pitch bug you? Whew! Then you’re glad you missed the Choral Workshop on Sunday July 15th, 12:30 at Gate House Theatre.  Because Earle Peach has perfect pitch. And he’s an amazing voice instructor.

Seven people showed up for the workshop. Youngest ten to the oldest …. we’re not telling! Everyone came away with a huge smile on their face and four songs in their pockets.

Four songs that we sang in four-part harmony. And sang well! Everything from Over the Rainbow to African traditional ( and I don’t mean an Americanized Spiritual, I mean straight from Africa – Ghana to be exact)

Thanks Earle and company for staying and teaching us posture, breathing, tone and for letting us join you in making beautiful music.

Did I also mention how amazing the concert was Saturday night? Oh, yeah…it was stellar,

Can any movie theatre survive in the 21st century?

“I already watched it on YouTube for free.”

I can’t tell you how many times this year I’ve heard that. It’s discouraging.

It seems this generation…..

(by ‘this generation I mean everyone alive on the planet – not some age segregated demographic- some 40 year olds are more addicted to their devices than teens)

…is so used to ‘the smaller the screen the better syndrome’  that they can’t figure out why they should possible see a movie on a big screen at a theatre – unless of course it’s the IMAX or 3-D.

Our tickets are 4.46 each (minus HST) and 35% (or 1.57) of each one sold goes to pay copyright fees.  The major First Run Theatres pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to have movies at their release dates. I seriously wonder how they are making it.

NetFlicks and Movies on Demand have pretty well put the final nail in the coffin for Video Rental stores.

I sure hope illegal downloading and YouTube doesn’t do the same for Movie Theatres.

A year ago I thought that showing movies three times a week would act as a social enterprise (business that supports a charity) but after seeing the numbers from the first year I wonder if I need to think of another business idea to support the movie theatre.

Truly, if it wasn’t for generosity and volunteers we would not have survived past March. And yet hope is in my spirit, guess I’m a born optimist! The turn out for Thursday’s showing of The Hunger Games was fantastic! Those kind of nights keep me coming back for more than just the popcorn.

It keeps me coming back for the community.


Because of the length of The Hunger Games we are starting the movie at 6:45 pm Thursday July 5th and Friday July 6th.

This is in order to accommodate our friends from Malcolm Island and Alert Bay.

Please pass this along


Terry Ruth

Thoughts and Thanks after One Year

Happy Birthday!

Wow, time really flies when you’re having fun.

The past twelve months have been exciting, challenging, humorous, humbling, tiring and so rewarding.  Without financial investment and ongoing support Gate House Theatre would not be possible.

Here is a list of what I like to call Port McNeill Patron’s of the Arts:

Ruger and Richochet Enterprises, General Properties, West Coast Helicopters, Frog House Productions, Misty Smith, and Rona.

We also received excellent help and support from: 

Island Foods, The Gazette, The Town of Port McNeill, The Chamber of Commerce, What’s On Digest, The Port – 1240, Harlan’s, Fields, and Dirty Jack’s Computers.

And some significant individuals:

Chris and Karen Stewart, Kathy Martin, Mei Ling Trevor, Jessica McLaughlin, Olivia Jorgenson,Trevor Smith, Terrence Eissfeldt, The Trevor girls, Ben Jorgenson, Mike Wickstrom, Josiah Waines, Megan Stewart, Donald Parsons, Brad Loland, Tim Eissfeldt, Andrew Cochrane, Sarah Loland, Gene and Gaby Wickstrom, and many others that have helped with concession, cleaning, tech and everything else that goes into keeping the doors open and the movies playing.

Here is a list of some highlights from our first year:

Grand Opening July 1st, 2011 – so many amazing people came out.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides for Orca Fest Eve

Ladies Night showing of Bridesmaids

Carleton Dancers

Winter Night Lights

Homeschoolers Creativity Day

Birthday Parties!

Johnny Cash

Stanley’s Cup!

DJ and Rapper Music


Thank you everyone 

Terry Ruth Eissfeldt