Choral Workshop and Concert with Illiterratty

Do you love original Bluegrass/Folk type music. Mark your calendars for July 14/15th. Illiteratty is coming to Gate House Theater.

Click on picture to go to their website

“Our repertoire embraces a broad spectrum of genres (folk, jazz, celtic, rockabilly, baroque and more) bonded by a common sense of unusual subjects, often quirky humour and always intelligence.  The name seems to capture all of that somehow… If there’s an overall notion to (the album), it might be that we’re on a planet in trouble because of our activities and at the same time struggling to find meaning in our lives. There’s an appreciation for humanity as a charming but perhaps fatally flawed experiment in evolution..”

From a 2012 interview with Cendrine Marrouat in Canada Independent Artist Examiner.

Also – Earle Peach to give Choral Workshop either the 14th or the 15th – yet to be determined

Earle Peach has been a fixture on the Vancouver folk music landscape for decades, playing withSongtree, Natural Elements, Ship of Fools, Flying Ship, Sudanda and countless others. He conducts choirs, teaches a variety of music skills and creates music for film, video and theatre (including Bruce the Musical). Because Earle is such a prolific composer he does the lion’s share of the writing for Illiteratty.


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