New Business of the Year Award!

Tonight at the Port McNeill Chamber of Commerce Gala, Gate House Community Association won the New Business of the Year award.

Wow! What an honor….and responsibility!

If the ‘powers that be’ would have allowed acceptance speeches, mine would have been something like this:

Wow! What an honor…and responsibility!

First of all, behind this association, is an army of volunteers who have cleaned, scraped, painted, fixed, and made a ton or two of popcorn in the last four months. A huge thanks to them.

In essence we’ve only just begun. We’re still in the infant stages. But we’re a living breathing entity and are looking forward to the next steps.

Our mandate is to gather together and celebrate the arts. We hope, by the end of our first year, to have accomplished this in more than one genre of the arts. There is weekly gathering around film, some classic, some new. But live theater, music, dance and visual art are all in the horizon and we hope to  land on those shores as well.

The purposes of the society:

  • to promote appreciation for the Arts
  • to assist in celebrating local and visiting artists
  • to encourage education in the arts
  • to develop regular exposure to the arts
We continue to pursue these purposes and are excited with what this next year is promising for us.
Once more, a huge thank you to all the volunteers and the board members. And congratulations!

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