Fall Schedule and Upcoming Events

Hey Everyone,

Can you believe summer is waning and Fall is on the rise?

Many years ago the excitement in the air had to do with new clothes, school supplies, and reconnecting with friends. Also the comfort that routine brought into my less than structured family life.

And not that many years ago, when I was homeschooling our four children, the excitement in the air had to do with school supplies, routines, and new curriculum. Fall always infests me with a sort of optimism not found any other time of the year. Plus I’m kind of addicted to the store Staples.

As I’ve been looking forward to this Fall at Gate House Community Association that old excitement and optimism is raising again.

September is Sidney Poitier month on Classic Tuesdays. Check Now Playing and Coming Soon for details.

Saturday September 10th at 2:30 – CARS 2

Be sure to come out for this much anticipated sequel. Bring your kids, young and old, yours or not yours, children or grandchildren. Everyone will enjoy this Family Matinee.  Special: All adults accompanying 2 or more children receive a free small popcorn.

Beginning Wednesday  October 5th, Drama Classes commence. From 4:00-5:00 pm, children ages 6-12 years,  are invited to the Theater to discover the wonderful world of acting. Curriculum from the award winning Drama Notebook will be used. The fee is $2.00 per week as a drop in or $15.00 for the entire Fall Session ending the last Wednesday in November. The class will present a short play at the Gate House Showcase of Talent, the evening of December 3rd.

Speaking of the Showcase of Talent. Gate House Community Association’s first fund raiser is an evening of local talent. An open invitation announced to anyone interested in joining in the fun. We’re holding it the evening of Dec 3rd, after the Showcase of Arts and Crafts. Feel free to use the Christmas Season as inspiration but don’t feel boxed in by it. All acts must be family appropriate. If interested in performing please email gatehousepm@gmail.com  or leave a message at 250 956-4141. The maximum time slot is 15 minutes. Tickets are $5.00 per person with all proceeds going to Gate House Community Association.

Sanctum is available at the Theater every Monday to Friday, 12-1 pm beginning the first week in October.

Take time during your lunch to sit and watch beautiful slides to quiet instrumental music in a dimmed peaceful environment. Everyone needs a little sanctuary once in a while. Sponsored by King’s Heart Ministries.

See you at the movies! and maybe for other activities as well.

Terry Ruth




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