Sorry fans

Tonight we’ll be viewing Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade as American Graffiti did not make it here when promised.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Terry Ruth


Newest Bulletin – August and September

Hey Movie Lovers


We had a great turnout for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. Thanks to all who came out and ate popcorn!

Here’s the latest bulletin for your consideration:

GHCA Weekly Bulletin

Oh, The Games Thespians Play!

Saturday August 26th from 10:30 am to noon Gate House Theater hosts, Oh The Games Thespians Play.

For one and a half hours children aged 6-12 years can explore the world of drama through games and role playing.

The cost is $10.00 per child. To sign up your child simply fill out the forms found under the Drama link.

Modified Schedule

Pre-Release movies are interesting to plan. Release dates change as fast as the Pacific Coast weather. You have to be prepared for everything. It’s the reason we have “Movies may change without notice due to availability” on the Bulletin. Canada Post is the other reason!

Check out the modified bulletin and phone 250 956-4141 any time for up to date movie information.

GHCA Weekly Bulletin


I hate rules

As a rule, I hate rules, however, without them it seems some will be unrestrained.

Last night during the movie Thor, a few people were making noise and generally running in and out to the annoyance of everyone else.  If people want to run, yell, laugh inappropriately, and generally be noisy why come to the Theater on such a gorgeous summer night? Go to the beach or school field or your own back yard and fool around.

I find this sad. Sad because the movie is supposed to be the entertainment. It was especially upsetting as last night was one of our biggest crowds with many first time customers. I can only hope they come back.

And I can only hope that if the noise makers come back they restrain themselves. Unfortunately for them, we live in a small town and our volunteers know the perpetrators. Policies are in place to ask patrons to leave if being a disturbance and they will be enforced.