Mars Needs Moms – We need You!

This Friday night at 7:00 pm Mars Needs Moms is at The Gate House Theater.

This animated story is from Walt Disney Studios, rated G and was released in Theaters in March.  It will be on DVD in mid August.

Copyright licenses in Canada are handled by two different companies and are run two different ways.  ACF, the company that handles Disney, is the more expensive one. That’s why we need you.

In order to show Disney/Pixar/MGM and other studio pictures they represent, we’re charged $150.00 per title. To break even we need to sell at least 40 tickets.

We’ve established Gate House Community Association to provide the space  at Gate House Theater to be available for all to use.  This is YOUR theater. If you want to see the latest Disney/Pixar/MGM etc movies weeks and sometimes months before they’re on DVD, grab a friend or three and come out to the movies.

I hope to see many out this Friday night.  Mars may need Moms but we need you.


Terry Ruth


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