Post Grand Opening

Thank you to all who helped make the Grand Opening of Gate House Theater possible.

I will attempt a complete list. If, by chance, or mushy brain I forget you, please let me know and I will add you to the Wall or Thanks.

First and foremost my husband Terrence.

Also James and Lisa Furney, Miles, Mei Ling, Meghan, Meara, and Mercedes Trevor, Chris and Karen Stewart, Al and Kathy Martin, Gene, Gaby and Mike Wickstrom, Cheryl, Olivia, and Ben Jorgenson, Rob Marty, Kim VanVelzen, Donald Parsons, Dave and Brenda McQueen, Christine, Courtney, and Kaylan Guindon, Trevor and Misty Smith, Steve Taylor, Trevor Harder, Neva Perrot, Tim Eissfeldt, Kevin Kurkiniemi, Steve Jackman, Sarah Hamilton, Brad Loland, Fran Trevor, Sam and Josiah Waines, Bill Velie and Ray Bernier.

Also Rona and their amazing helpful staff.

See you at the Movies!

Terry Ruth


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