No Movie Jan 6th – Waiting for the Switch…

Hey all you loyal and amazing patrons.  Our building experienced an electrical event prior to Christmas that resulted in our electricity being shut down.  They are doing their best to rectify the situation however there is no guarantee the needed part (a switch) will be here and installed by Friday. Therefore we reluctantly cancel our scheduled movie – The Accountant. The movie is already here – so we will reschedule when we have electricity.

Thanks for your understanding.

Membership Has It’s Privileges!

Well it seems Fred Penner is quite the popular guy!
This brings us to Membership Benefits…..

For the Fred Penner concert we are offering our memberships AND to anyone who donates  100.00+  toward our new projector and screen, an exclusive window of opportunity to purchase tickets BEFORE the general public.

Have you thought of membership? Have you missed going to the movies? Have you wondered how you could help? Are you excited that we now have 3-D capabilities?


Then email to take out a membership or donate toward our projector/screen fund and get in on the pre-sale of Fred Penner tickets starting Monday Sept 26th and lasting a brief 30 hours (Monday, Sept 26, 2017, 9:00 am – Tuesday Sept 27, 2016, 3:00 pm)

Movies Returning Soon!

We are moving into the HD world!


As you know our projector died on us this summer. Because the model hasn’t been produced for over three years it really isn’t worth trying to fix. So we have ordered a new projector.  But there’s a catch to a new projector…it needed a new screen to match to it. I’ve found out the two are inseparable in today’s technology.

Because our focus is on performing arts, and movies are a means to insure a steady flow of funds, we have decided to go with an automatic screen that will be mounted in front of the curtain. But don’t worry, it’s still going to be BIG. And now it will be in the centre without any obstruction to the view.  This also allows us to get the projector off the ceiling and mount it in an accessible location.

We weren’t budgeting on this rather large bill this year. If anyone would like to contribute to our projector/screen fund we will be most appreciative.

Email if you require anymore information.

Happy Birthday to Us!

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 10.22.06 AM

Happy 5th Birthday

Gate House Community Association!

Please join us in celebrating our 5th Birthday. We are cutting the cake @4:00 pm followed by live music and a free movie @5:30.

The Never-Ending Story

1984, PG, 1 hour 42 minutes


2nd Run Movies Disappearing…

From our inception, almost 5 years ago, Gate House Community Association has strived to present our community with weekly Pre-Release Movies.

What is a Pre-Release movie, you ask? It is a movie that is in between playing at the big cinemas and not yet on DVD or Digital Download. During this window of time the copyright holding companies in Canada, Criterion Pic and Audio Cine Films, release it to second run theatres, community groups, etc for Public Performance. Of course we pay for the privilege. However, this window is quickly disappearing.

What is happening is that studios are no longer allowing for a pre-release time. They release straight to DVD/Digital. Also, Criterion Pic used to be a more local company but has been swallowed up by an international conglomerate and closed all offices except those in the Toronto area. This has greatly affected the communication and care for small community theatres such as we are. We simply make no dent in their bottom line and are, quite likely, not worth the trouble. In other words, they do not go out of their way to help us.

So we are struggling to supply our community with weekly quality, relevant, Pre-Release Movies. At this point we have nothing to show Friday June 24th.

So here’s the question:



Why ‘Community’ is in our name.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 6.27.47 AM

This week is gearing up to be the busiest week we’ve ever had at Gate House Theatre. And it’s mostly “Community” events.

Wednesday and Thursday we are hosting two separate community groups that work with various members of the North Island as they add some ‘theatre time’ to their programs.

Friday and Saturday nights we have the block buster new Star Wars movie


Saturday we are hosting an Emotional Day Spa workshop.

There have also been numerous volunteers working on our new curtains and sets and props and costumes and rehearsals for our Spring production – A Night With Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and When Shakespeare’s Ladies Meet – April 29, 30 @ 7:00 pm and May 1 @ 2:30.

With all the buzzing around you’d think it was Spring or something!

Liking the Likes

I am thrilled we have 169 likes – 7 new this week- on our Facebook Page, Gate House Community Association. That’s amazing! We also have 339 members – 2 new – on our Facebook Group, Gate House Theatre.
I know our little project (getting the arts into our community) is gaining traction. I still dream of the day that ALL the ARTS are represented … photography, painting, animation, film making, theatre, dance, mixed media, spoken word, cultural dance and storytelling, music, musicals …. etc etc etc!
Of course this all takes money, people, volunteers, vision, and did I say people and money?
We just had our Membership Meeting. Individual membership is 25.00 for the year. Corporate Membership is a monthly contribution.
We’re still working out the benefit package for individual members, besides the voting rights at the AGM (late June 2016). Corporate members benefit with advertising in our programs. 
I can’t help wondering what our organization would look like if all these likes and group members turned into memberships … considering the likes are probably members of the group let’s look at the group numbers … 339 x 25 = 8475.00 … That is a lot of moola!
We could order the tracking that is needed for our new side curtains. We could pay for the materials needed to finish our 2 storage rooms. We could project into the future further improvements such as an automatic screen, new projector, produce a big well known musical, put on a music and/or one act play festival….. the ideas are endless.  We would also have the membership numbers that may finally get the attention of the various grant applications we fill out.
Can our Facebook members and likes turn into paid memberships? Yes! It’s easy.  Fill our the form, write a cheque or bring the cash to the next movie night. Let’s do this!

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